Rustic Greenland Road Residence for Peace

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For those who want to know how it feels living in a rustic place, they should definitely check out the Greenland Road Residence project. Contrary to its name, the house itself is located in Atlanta’s Georgia of America. The house has a rustic ambiance that is really condensed, as every corner of the house is made out of wood. The house also has a great interior design that will charm the resident’s days with its beauty. Trust me, this house is the perfect house everybody always wants.

Greatness of Greenland Road Residence

From its exterior structure to its interior design, everything about the Greenland Road Residence by Studio One Architecture is great. From the outside, the house looks like a normal wooden house that is designed horizontally. The house has many windows though, and that is the probably main unique aspect of the house’s exterior design. However, the house is surrounded with great greenery and fresh brown earth that create the perfect contrast with the color of the house’s exterior appearance. Such clean and neat look, and it is only from the outside only!

If the outside is neat and clean, then the inside must be cozy and comfortable. This can be seen from the amount of sunshine entering the large glass windows that hit the wooden floor and white walls naturally. The high ceiling also contributes to the spacey ambiance that gives the residents some space to breath. The furniture also helps at bringing the cozy ambiance. For example, the couch of the living room is made of brown couches decked with orange sofas that are placed in front of the fireplace that is decorated with mini duck statue and logs under the fireplace. The veranda is also decked with dark-colored wood-framed chairs decorated with blue cushions. I mean, if these things are not cozy, then I do not know what coziness is.

Enjoying Nature through Greenland Road Residence

See how great the house is? Everything about the house screams nature, and natural ambiance the house gives. From the natural wooden material that made up the house to the color of the furniture, everything makes the house so naturally comfortable. Those who wants a natural vacation that is also comforting, they should definitely try this simple Greenland Road Residence by Studio One Architecture.

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