Relaxing Small House with Movie Studio Decorations

Beautiful Brown Theme Bedroom For Relaxing And Good Sleeping Senstion Also Using Warm Brown Pendants And Flexible Wall Lights

Having a small house with a great looking room can fit for your budget for having a great house and also save your time to clean the house. The small house in Ukraine by Kvartal Studio Group has a great display with decorations that makes this house looks like a movie studio with many types of materials and styles used inside. If you are a real movie lover, then this house will be perfect for you with unique parts in each room.

The living room of this small house design uses over sized white couch with dark colored cushions. There is also a small fireplace beside the flat TV. The unique part of this room is the lighting used that looks like movie spotlights that will highlight the TV. On the ceiling, you will see many light bulbs hanging as one large lamp that placed near the wood round stairs. There is a family room that uses similar couch, but the spotlights are highlighting the wood wall and a copy of monalisa’s portrait.

The bedroom uses combination of brown colors. The bed uses bright brown color with small table besides it decorated with vases of roses. There are two wall lamps with flexible arms that create a nice shadow on the wall. The make-up table has unique basket-shaped make-up storage and the mirror is rounded with light bulbs that look like a make-up table in a theater. Beside it, there are two cupboards with contrast red color for the clothes.

The kid’s room has single white bed with white wall and cupboards for storage and two white shelves above the cupboards for books and toys. The curtain uses bright yellow color that light up the room and a small yellow chair. The kid’s room of these small house decorations uses a large green carpet with a white star on the center below the bed and near the white table with toys and also a decorated table lamp.

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