Refreshing Travessa de Patrocinio with Great Design

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Those who want to get something different from the normal houses should definitely take a look at Travessa de Patrocinio. Located in Lisbon, the house has a design that is like no other houses in this world. Well, at least it is different from its neighbors. Designed by three geniuses named Luis Rebelo de Andrade, Tiago Rebelo de Andrade, and Manuel Cachao Tojal, the house stands out among its neighbors thanks to its unique minimalist design that is modern but also refreshing thanks to the greenery. How can this be done? Let us find out.

Travessa de Patrocinio’s Natural and Modern Aspects

The three designers brilliantly fused naturalism with modernization in Travessa de Patrocinio in Lisbon. Let us talk about the natural aspect of the house first. What makes this modern house looks so natural at the same time? The house has two sections, where the second section is connected with the first section with a glass hall, and the wooden second section is decorated with fresh bushes as the frame of its windows. The bushes are no mere bushes, because each bush has different scent from lavender to rosemary. This way, the house looks modern and natural at the same time. See the greatness in this house design?

Now let us talk about the modern minimalist aspect of the house. The modern ambiance can be felt already through the white-gray walls that are made out of glass also at times. However, it is evened out with the wooden furniture of the house, starting from the wooden staircase to the wooden cabinets. The modern aspect is also made stronger with the swimming pool on the house’s flat roof, decked with wooden bottom and surrounding floor. The swimming pool is made safe with the black fence surrounding the flat roofing, limiting the free section of the flat roof with protection.

Living in Two Worlds in Travessa de Patrocinio

As it can be seen from the pictures, the house has two different contradicting aspects fused into one. This way, the residents can feel the experience of living in two different “worlds” at the same time. With the minimalist Travessa de Patrocinio in Lisbon that has a great design and also gives an exceptional experience, what more should be asked from this house?

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