Refreshing Sorgente Bathtub for a Refreshing Bath

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For those who wants a special kind of bathtub without letting go of its refreshing feeling, they should definitely try Sorgente Bathtub. Lenci Desig specifically designed the bathtub for Teuco, making this bathtub one of the highlighted furniture in Teuco. When I saw this bathtub, I was astonished at its beautiful design and great function. For this reason, I am going to write a paragraph or two about the greatness of this bathtub.

Everything about Sorgente Bathtub

The design of Sorgente Bathtub by Lenci Design is like no other bathtub I have ever seen. I mean, it does not even look like a  bathtub at all! It looks more like a mini swimming pool because of its oval shape. The bathtub is also installed differently because the bathtub is isntalled inside the floor. It will take a while for people to notice the installation of the bathtub though, since the hole is so tight that the edge of the bathtub will be hard to be seen.

Of course, there is more in the bathtub than the installation of the bathtub. The bathtub is surrounded with sewer-like frame that is deeper than the hole of the bathtub. The “sewer” is meant to store the leaking water from the bathtub so that the water would not go everywhere in the bathrom. Do not worry about having the “sewer” being seen because the “sewer” is covered with black stone coverings that have mini oval holes that also allow water from the outside to enter the inside of the “sewer.” This swimming pool-like bathtub is definitely not the ordinary kind of bathtub that can be seen in normal bathrooms.

Features of Sorgente Bathtub

The great design of the bathtub is not the only reason why this bathtub is loved by many. The bathtub cab be controlled with remote control, meaning manual work does not have to be done when one uses this bathtub. The bathtub also has some lightning for underwater, magnetic backrest, and a shower hose that is flexible that can be pulled out anytime of the day. The natural Sorgente Bathtub by Lenci Design has so many features that will make bathing more fun and comforting.

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