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Though it is not something that can easily be seen, modular carpet tiles are starting to emerge as a new kind of trend in the designing world. Before we move on, let us describe what kind of tile that is first. They are tiles that are installed differently, since the tiles are not the parts of the floor design. The tiles have different style from the floor’s, and they are installed separately in its own. Recently, I have found some great carpet tiles made by Alexander Girard that was able to capture my heart in a snap.

Modular Carpet Tiles as Enchantments

The tiles that captured my heart are no other than the modular carpet tiles by Alexander Girard. Of course, they did not capture my heart without reason. First is the fact that the tiles are extremely colorful. Alexander Girard combines bright colors skilfully, from the lightest pink to the palest green. To make it even better, the combination of these colors will definitely not hurt the eyes because the designer combined the colors with their perfect matches. The colors are definitely matches made from heaven.

Of course, the nice part of these tiles are not their colors only. The tiles have unique pattern that cannot be seen easily from other tiles in this world. The  pattern and design of the tiles are no other than designs of round faces with many different faces. The faces are different also, and the round faces sometimes are framed with other things, such as another round shape, to make the faces more colorful and enchanting. The lining up of the tiles are great also, since each tile has different kind of color from the tile next to it. This gives a variety in the color, and the eyes will definitely not be hurt by this simple trick. Yep, these tiles are definitely great.

Something Different in Modular Carpet Tiles

These tiles might be different from other tiles, but that is the reason why these tiles are great. The tiles have different materials that make the tiles more comfortable than other tiles, and it also has unique color scheme and design that makes the carpet tiles stand out easily. With the unique modular carpet tiles by Alexander Girard as the prime example, I hope people can finally see the greatness of one-in-a-million carpet tiles now.


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