Refreshing Beach Apartment for the Breeze

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Living near by the beach means that the house should be maximized for the beach, and this certain beach apartment in India does this. Located in India’s city of Juhu, this house has a simple but stylish interior design that will definitely make enjoying the beach better. Moreover, since it is near by the beach, this only means one thing: the beach view can be seen from the inside too! This is how ZZ Architects such simple and refreshing house near by the beach.

Refreshing Beach Ambiance in Beach Apartment

The simple white design of beach apartment by ZZ Architects definitely matches the beach scenery in front of the house. The living room is decked with gray and white couches placed across each other with the square wooden coffee table are placed in the middle. The designer definitely knows how to position his furniture because the couches directly face the large glass window that gives the beach scenery right away. For a complete look, behind the back couch is where a white ornament cabinet is placed, and glass ornaments is accompanied with the bronze sculpture of a woman.

Near the living room is where the elegant dining room is located. The dining room consists of a white table paired with white chairs. To make the table less bare, the table has purple orchids and purple wine glass as the centerpieces. The bedroom is nothing outstanding, but it is definitely relaxing and comforting. The bedroom has wooden walls and cream-colored floor to add the simplicity of the room. The bed is framed with wood, matching the wooden study desk and chair placed at the side of the wall. For those who want some refreshing breeze from the bed, they can always the glass door that leads to the garden.

Feeling the Beach inside Beach Apartment

As it can be seen, the apartment is pretty simple and not fussy at all. It is clean, neat, and refreshing thanks to the dominating white and the minimum amount of furniture inside the apartment. Of course, there is the high ceiling that always makes everything more spacey than ever before. Yup, the simple beach apartment by ZZ Architects is definitely the perfect design for a house near by the beach.

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Glass Windows White Ceiling

Green Lawn With Ocean View

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