Refined Reethi Rah Resort for Modernized Nature

Exclusive Tropical Retreat In Maldives Wooden Deck

When greed kicks in and makes one feel like getting the perfect natural spoiling vacation, he should consider going to Reethi Rah Resort. Why so? The reason is no other than the fact that the resort gives everything that fulfills the definition of a perfect vacation. Search for everything or anything, and it will definitely in every corner of this resort. The best part, however, is going to be the luxurious natural design of the resort that matches the beautiful scenery that surrounds the resort.

Reethi Rah Resort’s Naturally Luxurious Beauty

Everything about Reethi Rah five-star Resort is both natural and luxurious. Having 132 private and detached villas set for the guests, the basic materials for the villas are pretty simple. The roofs of the villas are made of straw. If not because of the wooden walls, the villas would look like huts already thanks to its simple appearance. Of course, simplicity does mean incomplete. The villas’ floor extends all the way to the outside, creating a wooden veranda decked with wooden reclining chairs and some white umbrellas under the chairs. This way, the blue sea can be enjoyed even up close.

However, the inside of the villas are not as simple as the villas’ outer appearances. The rooms have different designs. For example, a room would have a bed covered in white mattress and brown blanket to complete the brown blanket. In front of the bed would be a small round wooden coffee table with synthetic fruits for its centerpiece. At the sides of the coffee table is where the paired chairs are, decked in red cover and white pillows. The chairs are completed with brown leather couches standing in front of the chairs. The best part of the bedroom has got to be the bed’s position that directly faces the outside scenery, complete with the refined marble field at the front. Sometimes the huts would have their own gazebo in front of their private swimming pools, adding more luxury into the huts.

Grand Vacation in Reethi Rah Resort

The villas are pretty exclusive, right? They are detached from each other, with the VIP seat for the surrounding beauty. The rooms are also in grand colors such as red and white, and the furniture is made with high quality materials that will definitely disappoint the guests. Vacation in the grand yet natural Reethi Rah five-star Resort will be a vacation that will never be forgotten.

Exclusive Tropical Retreat In Maldives Wooden Floor

Exclusive Tropical Retreat In Maldives Yellow Red Pillows

Exclusive Tropical Retreat In Maldives Awesome Ceiling

Exclusive Tropical Retreat In Maldives Awesome Open Pool

Exclusive Tropical Retreat In Maldives Black Cupboard

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