Rectangular House For The Simple House

Awesome Interior With Minimalist Living Room Using Brazilian Furniture Also Minimalist Kitchen Design With Decorative Tile Wall

The rectangular house style is now popular among the architecture expert or the architecture lovers. This style is considered as simple yet modern. That is why people are getting interested on build this kind of house style. If you are one of them, then this house is for you. Located in Brasilia, this house uses the rusty steel texture for its exterior.

You will not find too many decorations outside, that purposely, this house is made to be as simple as possible. Surrounded by the green yard, in front of the house there’s a bench to sit around enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful blue sky. Get inside to this unique rectangular house, you will pass by the sliding glass door and meet the living room. Again, living room is made simple without any complicated stuffs: a patterned sofa, a wooden chair, a wooden glass small table, and a standing decoration made of something like feather. Next to the living room, there is a kitchen. The kitchen’s wall is different with the living rooms; it’s patterned wallpaper that is match to its yellow kitchen table. The dining table is placed in the kitchen area with unique table made of wood as the leg and glass as the table.

The main bed room looks elegant with its neutral color black and white. The bedding is fully black while the wall color is white. There are not much furniture inside unless the bookshelf, a small cupboard and a chair. To make it spacious, it is put the mirror as the wall in right side of the bed.

Actually this house is not that really large, the glass door and window help it to look spacious and give the natural light to the inside. When there is luxury in the simplicity, then this unique rectangular house architecture is the best example for it.

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