Reading Space Design: Christian Science Church in Issaquah

Fireplace With Open Lounge Space With Brown Sofa

Any space design can be decorated perfectly if you have the creativity to do it just like what FINNE Architects id in creating reading space design of Christian Science Church in Issaquah. This project is created to give the community around the church a great space to read and the result is amazing. This stunning reading space design is not only comfort, but it has a beautiful design. The area is not only limited in the indoor part, but amazingly, this beautiful reading space design is also include the outdoor area as part of it. With that level of creativity, this incredible reading space design can become a nice example for any reading space design all anywhere else.

Firstly, we will talk about the architectural design of this nice reading space design. The structure is mostly created by using wooden material, but there is something that makes this outstanding reading space design’s architectural design looks amazing, the stone chimney. The chimney is the one that makes this beautiful reading space design looks playful. In the backside are of this gorgeous architectural design lays a lovely pool with a nice bench in which you can use it as an outdoor reading space, lovely, isn’t it?

As the main part, the inside part of this perfect reading space design is equipped with very proper yet playful design. It is decorated by using open space floor plan and modern minimalist design. This space is equipped with nice table set in the middle of the room, waiting area and lovely contemporary style reading table as the reading area. Not yet to mentioned the one that makes this space can feel so comfy, the fireplace.

With this type of design, this gorgeous reading space design can surely become a nice reading space design for the society around the church. Nice reading space design like this one is surely something that we have to create if we want to have a nice community reading space.

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