Private PGA Catalunya for Private Vacation

Luxury Spanish Villa Home Inspiration White Villa

PGA Catalunya takes a whole different level when it comes to vacationing at “home”. How can this be? This is because of the fact that there is nothing resort-like or hotel-like about this building. Located near Barcelona of Spain, the designers decided to take a new approach to create the perfect “vacation at home”. This is done by designing the villa into a modern home that people usually live in. This way, the vacation will feel more relate-able and more private to the guests.

House Inside the Villa of PGA Catalunya

Everything about PGA Catalunya neat Barcelona does not scream anything about villa at all. The villa even has the appearance of modern houses by its minimalist design in the form of white squares and other shapes with many corners. Glass walls and doors are placed all over the house to make the villa more futuristic. There is also the medium-sized square swimming pool at the back garden, complete with the wood-framed white reclining chairs for relaxation or sunbathing. The front part of the house has a garage with wooden garage cover, and the stone path that leads to the front door is decorated with small bushes at its sides.

Even the inside of the villa has the appearance of a house. The living room, in set with its couches, coffee table, shelves, and television cabinets, is in white. The same goes for the kitchen cabinets and utilities, as they are in the same room as the living rooms. The only exception is the dining table that has green dining chairs and darkened transparent dining table. Matching with the living room, the study room is also in white with the exception of the black study table and chair. The bedroom has more color than white, as the sheet covering the bed is in green, and the carpet placed below the bed is in rainbow pattern.

Staying at “Home” PGA Catalunya

Yep, there is nothing or barely “foreign” about this villa. Can this place be called a villa anymore? I mean, everything about this villa screams normal house! It is like a replica of the normal houses people reside in. This is probably why the villa is so comfy though. The home-like PGA Catalunya near Barcelona gives a heartwarming ambiance that will definitely be enjoyed by the guests.

Luxury Spanish Villa Home Inspiration White Wall

Luxury Spanish Villa Home Inspiration Wooden Floor

Luxury Spanish Villa Home Inspiration White Bedroom

Luxury Spanish Villa Home Inspiration White Cabinets

Luxury Spanish Villa Home Inspiration White Curtains

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