Pretty Custom Bathroom for Dynamic Atmosphere

Beautiful Mounted Stainless Shower With Soap Dishes For Bathroom Decor

Today’s bathroom style is welcoming of a new concept called custom bathroom. This concept means that bathroom elements such as the counter, sink and many accessories should be easily changed. Many bathrooms retain their old style for tens of years. Renovating this bathroom can be costly, and that is why bathroom interior is often neglected in the long run. And there is more, custom bathroom design are also high in price, since combining aesthetic and safety in bathroom can be a difficult thing to do.

Bathroom function and aesthetic are two important aspects in decoration and design. Sometimes home owners abandon the aesthetic value for its function since a bathroom can be easily getting dirty. Cleaning bathroom is a hassle for most people, with many prefers doing cleaning in more comfortable and dry room such as the living room. Thus longer maintenance routine is preferable for owners. But this custom bathroom interior gives the owner more flexibility in designing their bathroom.

Designer Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec created a beautiful bathroom as part of their collection set. There are 70 different bathroom items available to create a luxurious bathroom interior. The set, called “Axor Bouroullec” is intended to fulfill the personal needs of many home owners. This set is completely customizable, so home owner can create many interior designs as they like. This flexibility is what many home owner searches.

To make it more interesting, the interior is matched with the furniture so it can create a stylish and modern environment. The storing unit are goo, the mirror are also elegant. With many rounded shape it create a sense of pleasant and relax atmosphere. It also has several artworks such as flower vase, clocks or paintings. Creating great and beautiful yet clean bathing units can be easily achieved with this custom bathroom design.

Clean Bathroom Design With Wooden Bathroom Furniture And

Dazzling Bathroom Interior With White Sink White Wall And Stainless Faucet

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Smart Bathroom Decor With White Theme And Wooden Accent

Unique Two White Washbasin With Stainless Faucet And Curved Rectangle Wall Mirror

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