Pop Art Interior for Your Corner of Your House

Pop Art Pictures The European City With Hanging Chandelier And Red Color Sofa On Vintage Rug

Imagine you are standing among your plain home interior, what do you see? Indeed something plain, right? Why don’t you try putting something colorful on one of your corner in your home? This pop art from the English Blind can help you to have the colorful corner in your home. There are 24 designs available. You can pick one that best fit to your style and personality.

Take a look on the picture, the first pop art pictures the European city. Using the main color of purple, orange, green and blue, this pop art will do a lot to your favorite corner. Since this is a colorful one, you can put it on the neutral colored wall so that it will not too much. As you can see in the picture, the basic color in this home’s corner is white, then it is put the bright red sofa and chair, the yellow pillow on the sofa, the single purple flower on the vase, the black textured rug, and the framed painting on the wall; stop here, and then put the flamboyant pop art interior in the middle of framed painting and the red chair. Tadaaa… Your cozy inspiring corner is ready to inspire you more.

For those who want your corner to look feminine, you can pick this flowery pop art. Use four basic colors, green, blue, purple and yellow; this will change the atmosphere of your home’s corner to be fresh and girly. Choose the sofa that has the match color to this art work. Like what you see in the picture, the pink sofa and the yellow chair are best for this pop art. For those who want your corner to be elegant, you better choose this red rose art work.

Well, so the key to make your corner to be eclectic and fun is to put one key that will change the whole look of your room. A simple touch will do a lot to your room. This fun pop art interior is all you need to make it happen.

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