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Brentwood Residence Unique Picture Playful Decors And Elegant Living

On the first looks this family home it seems like an ordinary modern home. But when I look closer, my mind suddenly changes. The rectangular shape of building shows its modernity along with glassy walls. But the decoration inside is totally different with simplicity of modern design. It has more colorful taste.

Coloring Family House

The family house outdoor environment has generously big pool which can accommodate all the family member need for swim. Next to the swimming pool, it has cozy patio. The patio has walls with big glassy window at one side, while the other side has none walls which give enormous feelings of freedom. The patio has wooden planks ceiling with ceiling lamps. It decorated with built in sofa with drawer and have yellow cushion. It also decorated with wooden coffee table and rattan lazy chairs along with red carpet under the table.

This house has a very cozy environment, here I see some picture that showing those design. Every room has its own taste and style. In the living room with fireplace, the ornaments are using fury carpet below the rattan table. It companies with another rattan made chairs and yellow sofa. The other area of the living room is playing with blue sofa set along with wooden side table and coffee table with glass on top. A big flat TV is placed in the built-in cupboard with drawers on the side. Since there are two living rooms, the kids and adults in the house can choose which one it suit their emotions of the day. For more soothing environment, they can choose the one with fireplace, while in needed entertainment can choose the one with flat TV.

Family House Uniqueness

Come and look around the house and find various arts apply from the bottom to the top of the rooms. Stylish and unique chandelier, table lamps, paintings, table décor, and even seats are having great art taste. Amazingly, although the room has combining art design, but it never fails to make all rooms in the house to feel cozy. The color of the house has varieties from white, yellow, brown, pink and blue. All combining with nature’s element such as wood make this family house design feels warm and attracting the people inside and the guess.

Brentwood Residence White Hanging Lamp Playful Decors And Elegant Living

Brentwood Residence White Mosaic Floor Playful Decors And Elegant Living

Brentwood Residence White Standing Lamp Playful Decors And Elegant Living

Brentwood Residence Wooden Cabinets Playful Decors And Elegant Living

Brentwood Residence Wooden Drawers Playful Decors And Elegant Living

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