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With the advance of modern style in house furniture, the presence of minimalist stool is becoming more popular. Wood material is already the new trend of today’s minimalist design. Modern design requires the efficiency of materials and shapes. Stool design with plywood materials besides allowing efficient use of materials, its curved shape allows to achieves an ergonomic shape, besides the creative design which can makes it appear in the form of contemporary design.

The works of Andrew Cassels inspired by the shape of minimalist design which small and neat. This stool use minimum material to produce a minimalist design, which can make the space around the stool more spacious. The back seat is just a steel with 4mm thickness would be very saving material consumption. In terms of the preservation of the environment, of course plywood materials are more superior to plastic material, since it will not be polluting the environment. This minimalist stool design is also very durable, since it is created with high quality craftsmanship.

Cassels Design specializes in using wood materials in creating quality homemade wooden furniture. Andrew Cassels work space is in his converted garage in Wellington city, New Zealand. This workshop involves also several local businesses which provide the non-wood material and other further process. As you can see in the picture, there are two choices wood materials, which Silver Beech or West African Sapele. As we see in the last pictures, the stool is perfectly placed for a seating in a kitchen island.

Kept in mind that homemade furniture is usually more expensive than the mass production, so is Andrew’s wooden stool. But the value and function it gives to house interior is worth the price. Another benefit is of course, as we said before, the environment friendly of the materials. Creating minimalist wooden stool can be difficult, since the stool must be durable as well.

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