Perfect Mood Formed from RGB Lighting in Russian Loft Created by G-Design

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In interior design, lighting is actually something that can be used to change mood. This is something that has been proven in the interior design of G-Design Russian Loft. This studio apartment is located in the area of St. Petersburg, Russia. For this apartment, the new G-Design Russian Loft lighting is really something significant and of course loved by the owner.

The Application of RGB Lighting in the Apartment

This designer of this G-Design Russian Loft is actually a really creative one. They have the ability to make the mood in the loft to be perfect simply by choosing RGB lighting instead of other types of lighting. This lighting system is the one that is installed not only in a room of the loft. Instead, it is the one that is applied to all rooms in there. Instead of choosing one color only for the lighting system, there are several colors of light chosen, including also blue, green, and also red. These light colors are chosen not only to build different mood in different room. These are chosen also in order to give a chance for the inhabitants of the loft the ability to manipulate the room according to their preference.

The Interior Design of the Loft

For the interior design, it can be said that actually G-Design Russian Loft interior is a spacious one. Even so, it does not make the designer to place a lot of things inside. It seems that spacious impression is the one that is kept by the designer. Other than that, some rooms in the loft are also made to be open in the meaning that several rooms are not divided with walls. Those rooms are dining room, kitchen, and also lounge area. All of these rooms that are made to be one in an open space strengthen the modern theme of the loft quite the most.

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