Panoramic View in SL*Project Apartment in Moscow

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From a lot of creations that are created by an architect named Alex Nikolashin, SL*project apartment is actually the one that can be said to be the best. This apartment is the one that is located in a residential building in Moscow. The exact location is in the 23rd floor of the building. It seems that the designer of this elegant SL*project apartment really know about how to maximize the use of location of this apartment so that it becomes a really perfect living space to live in.

The Best Thing about the Location

The location of SL*project apartment is actually something that creates a plus point for the residence. As told before, this apartment is located in the 23rd floor of a residential building. The designer takes advantage of this location by maximizing the panoramic views. From the large windows chosen, the really fascinating city views can be seen perfectly. From the dining space, the perfect views of the city can be seen so clearly. Other than that, the same views can also be seen from bedroom as well as living space.

The Main Ideas Applied in the Apartment Interior

Other than the panoramic views that are actually the vocal points of the apartment, there are still a lot more interesting things that can be found in SL*project apartment. All of these things can be said to be the main ideas available in the apartment. In the inside, this apartment looks really stylish and compact. The fact that you have to know is that this apartment is actually quite limited in space. Even so, the designer can deal with it perfectly by bringing up minimalist and functional design, including also for the choices of furniture. Other than that, he also uses glass wall as divider between bedroom and also dining room area. This is something that makes the interior to look more spacious.

Great Room Arrangement With Glass Window And Panoramic View

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