Open Space Courtyard House to Create a Relaxing House

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It is possible for you to relax at home. What you have to do is remodeling your house by managing a room opening up to the terrace, garden, or any kind of beautiful scenery around your house. For your inspiration, you can see the Courtyard House idea which is remodeled by DeForest Architects. The location of the house is in Seattle, Washington, USA. The unique part of this house is the location which is hidden from the stress. It gives the idea of installing wooden fence and blurred window panels especially on the second level. The best part of this house is on the use of the property. On the other hand, the structure of the floor is removed.

The Characteristic of Courtyard House

Just like any other Courtyard house, this house is using wood as the main material. The material seems to give more space to the outdoor atmosphere to come in. Then, it is also supported by light brown materials along with palette color. The architect is trying to create an elegant staircase as the connector between the first floor and the second floor. Definitely, in the second floor you can even enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of the scenery. It’s really relaxing.

Environmentally Friendly Courtyard House Design

To get more fresh air and the beauty of the scenery, the architect is using big size glass windows. This house has a lot of open space. The benefit of using this house remodeling idea is that you will get more lighting for the room. In fact, you will get the light from the sun in the morning. Moreover, you don’t need to use air conditioner because fresh air comes everyday. In short, it is a great idea to create an environmentally friendly courtyard house. In the end, you will have a perfect house not only a place for living but also a place for relaxation.

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