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Clemens Strobi Winery is an interesting example of fine restoration of an old building. Located in Wagram region of Lower Austria, the winery is created from renovating an old wine cellar house. The renovation project wasn’t only reviving the old building and transforms it into another purpose but it combines restoration of the old building to its original architecture while adding a modern building on the backside of the existing building. This unique winery project was designed and managed by March Gut architecture and design firm.

The main reason of this wine cellar restoration and adding modern structure was from the fact that the existing building has two façades on the front side and the rear side. The idea is to renovate the front façade to its original style while making drastic change on the rear façade. Every design element of this modern winery is inspired by nothing else but viniculture itself. It accentuates the sophisticated process of wine making that focuses on materials, shapes, and colors. These aspects are the basic of the design concept of the interior as well as the architecture of the new building on the rear side of the building.

Inside the structure of the original wine cellar, most of the structure is preserved for wine making area as well as wine cellar area. Old brick and wood dominates the interior of the old cellar but it has deep connection with highly modern new structure whatsoever. The new structure is designed as wine showroom and fine dining area as well as providing temporary living accommodation. Modern design is easily noticed since the façade of the new home that is dominated with glass panel giving clear view to the vineyard. Contrasting color or black and white combined the showroom and fine dining area combined with soft colored wooden finishes on various sides of the area.

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