Modern Bedroom with Great Furniture Arouses Fresh Atmosphere

Elegant Low Profile Bed Black Bedside Table Glossy Dark Artistic Painting

This is my first time staying at my grandfather’s house since he has renovated his house. Now, each living space is turned into modern one. He asks me to take a rest in modern bedroom that he has prepared if sometimes I stay here. I find unique design of bedroom that is arranged in contemporary style. My grandfather insists that he wants to give me comfort during I live here. Overall, this bedroom looks so rustic but it is cozy indeed. Dark floor tile is chosen to layer floor in this bedroom. Bead board and ceiling are painted in white color. It is contrast view that is applied in this bedroom.

My father says that he gets inspiration from Casa Vida to create amazing bedroom design. Modern bedroom ideas in this room stick out natural and elegant view. Bed frame is crafted of untreated wood. And so are bedside table, wardrobe, and drawer made of untreated wood. Under this bed there is dark fur rug to create warm sensation. Mattress set in this room feels so soft and cozy. In addition white French window enables me to see scenery outside freely. This window is concealed with white curtain in modern style.

On ceiling, I see a crystal chandelier that looks so artistic. Lights spread by this chandelier arouse warm atmosphere. Wardrobe applied in this bedroom is polished with glossy dark finishing. Doors of wardrobes and wardrobe frame are crafted of untreated wood. I find round glass table to place dark pot with lily flowers. Above untreated wood drawer, there is several photograph adhered on bead board.

When I come into another bedroom, I see modern bedroom furniture that is applied in this room. Low profile bed in white color symbolize modern accent. Mattress fitted on this bed is wrapped in white bed sheet. Fur blanket looks so chic to embellish this bed. Bookshelf headboard polished in black color and it enables small bedside table to be placed on this bookshelf. Glass bay window is concealed with venetian blind. On corner, I find white vase containing indoor plant to give fresh and natural effect.


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