Oddly Interesting Modern Apartment

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Much designer aim to create interesting apartments that would attract people’s hearts, but it seems that a modern apartment in Madrid has done that. IlmioDesign successfully attract people’s attention with their design that can be considered as… Creepy. Alright, it is not creepy for me because it only strikes me as being odd, but I am sure not little can take the oddness of the apartment’s design. Nevertheless, I am going to tell about it anyway.

Bizarre Modern Apartment Ornaments

Let us start with the normal aspect of the house first. The ceiling, wall, and floor are in the color of white, and the carpets used are in gray and blue the long couches are in white, but some of the chairs are in blue. Some of the chairs also have unique frame and design. The lightning of the apartment is really bright, but it can be changed into neon mode where the light will turn from white to metallic pale blue or violet. Overall, I have to say that the normal aspect of the house is decent. In fact, it is actually pretty stylish. However, the fact that the place is a bizarre modern apartment does not change.

Since the apartment is already modern, IlmioDesign decided to use modern ornaments that are more than unusual. Between the uniquely-framed blue chairs, a large hand sculpture is placed. Not only is that, but a picture of a skull hanged on top of the modern fireplace. That is not the only odd wall ornament, because an ambiguous wall painting is there next to the modern dining table. As if that is not enough, IlmioDesign would put odd bizarre paintings and sculptures of man’s faces in the hall. Interesting, but the spooky ambiance is still there.

Want to Try the Bizarre Modern Apartment

I have to praise IlmioDesign for such a unique design. The normal aspect of the apartment is something that should be applauded for because they are simple and pretty creative. However, combining the simple minimalist style with the odd ornaments just makes the apartment more unique. The combination of modernization and odd style is something that is rarely done before, so kudos to IlmioDesign for creating such apartment. Now the question is who is willing to live in such fascinating bizarre modern apartment?

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