Neat Villa Carlotta for Modern History

Contemporary Hotel Villa Carlotta Wooden Deck Outdoor Pool

Whoever said that historical cannot be minimalist should definitely take a look at Villa Carlotta. Located in Sicily’s Ragusa, this hotel has a history in its own because it was a historical building once until it was turned into a hotel. However, there is nothing historical about this hotel. This hotel uses minimalist style that is fused with contemporary furniture, creating a modern hotel inside this historical building.

History and Modernization in Villa Carlotta

It is pretty surprising how Villa Carlotta by Architrend Architecture was turned into a modern hotel, although it still fits the historical history of the hotel. The hotel has a main building that has has its public rooms wrapped in glass walls to make the inside visible from the outside. This, of course, includes the dining room that is decked with white dining tables and chairs, along with some center-like chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The same goes for the hall that consists of four black chairs opposing each other in pair, while the transparent glass coffee table and the red velvet carpet stand as the middlemen. Next to the stair that leads to upstairs is where the modern reception desk is placed, and it has a neon-like white lamp at the front. The hotel is pretty stylish despite of his historical story, is it not?

However, the private chambers are less modern and more elegant than the public rooms. The beds are in simple cream sheets, while the bathroom section is separated by its concrete and some translucent walls. Next to the bathroom is a floor of higher level meant for bathing since the round white porcelain bathtub is placed on that floor. Behind the bathroom is where the romantic round dining table is placed along with its white chairs. However, the thing that stands out the most has got to be the stony cream walls that takes more than half of the walls, even to the outside of the house. The private chambers might be simple, but they are more refined at the same time.

Villa Carlotta’s Stylish Simplicity

Through its simple design, some historical accents (such as the stony walls) were able to stand out more. This makes the house both modern and traditional at the same time, creating a whole new style that is also stylish. The minimalist Villa Carlotta by Architrend Architecture might be simple, but its elegant ambiance will never be off from it.

Contemporary Hotel Villa Carlotta Wooden Deck Pool

Contemporary Hotel Villa Carlotta Wooden Floor Bathroom

Contemporary Hotel Villa Carlotta Black Sofas Red Carpet

Contemporary Hotel Villa Carlotta Brigth Ligth At Garden

Contemporary Hotel Villa Carlotta For Master Bedroom

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