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Simple Modern Living Room Interiors Ideas White Rug Wooden Furniture

I am sure there are many in this world that has modern living room in their houses. Of course, this is a fact that is not new at all because modern rooms are famed for its easy design that is also easy to the eyes and the house. However, little do people know that the modern rooms can be turned into something enchanting and amazing? This way, the modern room is not just plain but also amazing and stylish. For this reason, I am going to give some examples of great simple modern rooms that are stylish also.

Enchanting Modern Living Room

The first of two modern living room ideas is the simpler style that can be created easily. It is just a normal living room, really. The wall behind the couch is made of brick, while the rest is made of white concrete. The floor is made of wood, and it is beautified with gray carpet below the white coffee table. The living room set is completed with couches made of deep red leather. What makes this room unique, then? It is no other than the books stacked at the sides of the couches, creating simple decorations that stand out the most in the room.

The second idea I am going to give play with the illumination and the shading of the room. For the basic, the room is made of white walls and gray carpet covering the floor. The room is enhanced with black and white couches and chair placed in front of the black television. A dim ground lamp is placed behind the black couch, creating a unique shadow of the wooden shelf near by the lamp and illuminates the portrait above the lamp. The room is simple, but the shading the lamp creates definitely makes the room more than just a simple room.

Comfort in Modern Living Room

As it can be seen, there is various ways to make the simple modern room turned into something elegant and stylish. However, there is one thing that should be remembered during the designing: make sure that the style makes the residents feel comfortable this way, the great modern living room ideas are not only stylish but also comforting ideas that will give maximum relaxation to the residents.

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