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Manga Figurine Glass Workspace Workspaces Of Figurine

For a person who has the hobby of collecting figurines, I know the frustration of a geeky workspace. It cannot even be called workspace anymore, because there is little space or barely any space for work. Books are in every corner of the room, and figurines would be scattered on the floor at times because the shelves are filled already. It is just frustrating. However, I finally found the tricks that made my workspace neater and live able.

Impossible Neatness in Geeky Workspace

Believe it or not, my workspace is neat now, all thanks to the geeky workspace ideas I found after days of searching them. Pin-ups and posters should definitely be plastered on the wall, of course. However, for the small ones, make sure that they fill one side of the wall first before moving to another side by lining them up orderly. For the big ones, make sure that they are framed or something to enhance the room and make it more artistic. The desk can be attached to the sides with pin-ups so that the worker can stay close to his collections. This way, there is no way he can be far away from his collections.

What about the figurines? No problem at all! To make them neat, buy a shelf and line them up properly on them. Make sure that every space is used. To make it neater, the shelf that is bought could be transparent. For the dolls, they can be placed on top of the white couches so that they can be used as useful decorations instead of collections only. These things are the things that made the impossible neatness exist in my workspace now.

Proper Breathing in the Geeky Workspace

The tricks I gave are pretty simple, but they actually do work. Thanks to these tips, there is more space inside my workspace, and I feel less suffocated inside my own work room. Now I can actually feel some comfort inside the room, and proper work can actually be done inside now. Of course, this definitely leads to some improvement of my health and work result also. It is amazing how these little things actually changed my life into something better. Without these simple geeky workspace ideas, I do not know what would have happened to my precious workspace, so banzai to those ideas!

Manga Figurines Workspace Workspaces Of Figurine

Manga Figurine Workspace Workspaces Of Figurine

Manga Glass Desk Workspace Workspaces Of Figurine

Manga Office Workspace Workspaces Of Figurine

Manga Themed Room Workspaces Of Figurine

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