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Funky Workspaces Neutral Modern Home Office Decor

Having funky workspace is like having a piece of artwork inside the room. When people talk about funky, the first thing that comes to mind is something that is artistic and stylish, right? Well, that is the same when someone talks about a workspace that is also funky. So not only that the workspace is stylish, it also has some lingering feeling of art that will definitely book working mode as the worker does his job. This is why I am going to give some design ideas that will funk up everybody’s workspace.

Artistic and Funky Workspace

The first kind of funky workspace ideas I am going to give is something that is pretty simple. A table in the color of white is attached to the wall, and a painting of skyscraper is hanged on the wall under the light to give motivation and proper illumination for the desk. The left side of the desk, where the wooden shelves are placed, can be decorated with some works of art such as sculptures and figurines. They do not have to stand out, as the color of the sculptures can be in white. As long as the sculptures are there, they are going to give a renaissance ambiance that will level up the workspace.

The other idea I am going to give is more to the modern side of the designing world. Just like the other one, the white desk is attached to the stone wall (that happens to have similar color of the brown stone floor). However, instead of putting pictures whatsoever at the top of the table, the shelves are the ones that are placed on top. This way, the set creates a mini working world that is also covered thanks to the triplex at the ends of the shelves, covering the workspace from public’s eyes. For illumination, the bottom side of the shelves can be installed with white lamps that can definitely brighten the eyes. Simple but trendy, is it not?

Neatness in Funky Workspace

The ideas given might be simple, but they will bring a huge impact to the workspace itself. The workspace will have a refreshing look that will make the worker less gloomy at doing his job, and this will definitely boost his working energy. Moreover, the neatness inside the workspace will also make the worker more comfortable inside. Well, it seems that funky and artistic workspace ideas are have more use other than their looks.

Scandinavian White Red Home Office Space Funky Workspaces

White Contemporary Office Scheme Funky Workspaces

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Artists Studio Hobby Room Funky Workspaces

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