Nature Blend Cubical House

Glass Windows Wooden Wall Wooden Floor

This is not just a house this is an amazing cubical house. I must say this house is blended well with the nature surrounding. The house exterior is fully covered with wood which is looking very appealing between the nature bushes surrounding. Since the space is limited, there are certain activities that must be done outside. Cooking and eating in wooden dining table outside is few of them. You might did not need a fully kitchen set since you can cook just by using simple outdoor camping stove.

Cubical House Exterior Use

The cubical house terrace on the front of the house has a multifunction task. It can be used as welcoming guess, sit around in the stool, or even relaxing by put your mattresses outside as you can see in these pictures. You can feel the fun of the natural surrounding on day light, while at night, sleeping under the moonlight or having barbeque is very applicable in this house environment. Although it did not have a big space for room inside, but the outdoor dining table can accompany many guess.

Cubical House Outsmart Design

Inside look of the house is totally different atmosphere from the outside. If you can see, the exterior is full with brown wooden material, the inside interior is almost all covered in white ambience. This color is used to outsmart the lack of space in the house. A part of the walls were transformed into a big glassy wall. This is allowed the sun to come in and brighten the room. The small limited space can look quite spatial and bigger than the reality.

Look around and get another outsmart ideas in this house by using of limited space. Actually the house only has one room, which is living room. The living room area is consist of build in rack for books and build in sitting place where there is no couch but just pads and cushion which allows to be separated and can be used elsewhere. With this specific design, a small area in the corner of the house is transformed into simple bedroom which only consist of matrasses. At the end of this compact bedroom is a huge glassy wall to allow the light to come in. This cubical house design allows the owner to be more creative and allowing to exploit more uses of limited space of house.

Green Garden Blue Sofa Blue Pillow

Green Grass White Rug Wooden Floor

Small Bedroom Glass Window White Wall

Stone Wall Wooden Wall Wooden Floor

White Rug Blue Pillow White Floor

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