Natural Urban Cabin for Enjoying Nature

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There are many houses out there that are meant to maximize the natural surroundings of the house, but not many have astonished me like the Urban Cabin. Located in the busy and hot state of Washington DC, this house is designed to fuse in with the nature surrounding and allows the residents to enjoy nature to their fullest. The little natural details of this house are what make this house enchanting.

Nature inside Urban Cabin

The beauty of Urban Cabin by Suyama Peterson Deguchi is so magical that it is hard to believe that it is man-made. I mean, just look at the surrounding of the house. The house has a pond across the house, beautified with lotus plant on the pond. The pond that has rocky ends is connected with the house through the fresh green lawn that covers the entire space of the house, from the front to the back. The lawn at the side of the pond is filled with large green trees, with some of them being colorful to give some breaks between the greens. Do not worry, because this scenery can be enjoyed on the back veranda of the house that is decked with gray chairs and wooden coffee table.

Of course, the beauty can still be enjoyed inside the house also. Through the glass walls, the residents can sit on the white chairs or the gray sofas that are decking the front of the fireplace, not forgetting the round black coffee table, of course. Next to the gray couch is where a metallic cylinder filled with a dry tree is placed, and behind it stands the elegant black dining table and chairs. Of course, the kitchen cabinets are in black also, but the wall where it is attached is in wood with vertical pattern with a long mirror attached to it.

Enjoying Nature through Urban Cabin

As it can be seen from the pictures, the luxury of the nature surrounding the house is definitely meant for enjoyment. Everything, from the glass walls to the veranda, is created so that the residents can enjoy the natural beauty properly. Of course, this means that the residents should take advantage of that enjoyment by relaxing more in the relaxing Urban Cabin by Suyama Peterson Deguchi.

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