Natural Maafushivaru Hotel and its Variant

Maafushivaru Hotel In The Maldives Coconut Trees Luscious Maldivian Paradise Welcomes

The amazing choices Maafushivaru Hotel gives will definitely confuse the guests because they are all just great. Sorry to jump like this, but this shows my excitement when it comes to the resort located in Maldives. This resort provides everything that can definitely complete my vacation, from the lush scenery to the amazing interior design of the resort. Seeing this amazing resort, I did not regret the moment I set my eyes on this resort.

Maldives’ Beauty through Maafushivaru Hotel

Seeing the spot of Maafushivaru Hotel in Maldives, I knew this resort is going to be great. It is located at the bushy section of the island, with a wooden path extending all the way to the middle of the ocean. At the sides of the pathway is where the rooms in the form of“private villas”are located. The only way that stands between the private rooms and the main building is the beautiful deep blue sea and the beach decorated with palm trees here and there. There is also the fresh green trees that surround the resort like a lush barrier that can be greatly enjoyed anytime of the day. Yep, definitely a strategic position, the resort has.

Of course, the interior design of the resort can rival the beautiful surrounding of it. The wooden balconies and verandas are ornamented beautifully with the colorful reclining chairs and normal sofas, with some of them in soft strips, neon green, or even red. Most of the bedrooms are in simple white though, to give the calmness that is always needed for the resting places. Most of the lights of the resort are in dim yellow and white, illuminating the resort gorgeously even when the lights are inside (thanks to the large glass panels of the resort). The inside might not be grand, but it is definitely elegant and relaxing.

Relaxing Moments in Maafushivaru Hotel

The scenery and the inside of the hotel are definitely calming, right? That is what makes this resort the perfect place of vacation. As one relaxes himself in the peaceful ambiance of the resort, he can also feel the freshness of the nature all around him. What is more perfect than this kind of vacation? For those who want this kind of vacation, I definitely recommend the calming Maafushivaru Hotel in Maldives.

Maafushivaru Hotel In The Maldives Luscious Maldivian Paradise Welcomes Wooden Floor

Maafushivaru Hotel In The Maldives At Night

Maafushivaru Hotel In The Maldives Big Coconut Trees

Maafushivaru Hotel In The Maldives Big Trees Luscious Maldivian Paradise Welcomes

Maafushivaru Hotel In The Maldives Blue Mosaic Floor Pool Luscious Maldivian Paradise Welcomes

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