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Cozy White Bathtub Collection Gathering Ocean Decor White Wall

For those who know a lot about designing home and so on, I am sure they know of the fact that many designers have the habit of releasing collections at once, and the same goes for simple things such as bathtub collection. This makes sense though, because this will give the chance for the customers the style they favor the most. For this very reason, I am going to talk about collection of bathtub that I have liked these days, and it is no other by Bagno Sasso AG. The bathtubs have everything I love, from a simple but chic design to a natural ambiance the bathtub gives.

Feeling the Sea by Bathtub Collection

I love the bathtub collection by Bagno Sasso AG not without reasons, of course. The bathtub has a simple but natural design I always favor when it comes to furniture. The tubs have names such as “shells, sailors and circles” because the bathtubs are literally shaped that way. The shell tub is like a shell, the sailor tub is like a boat, and the circle is like a circle with curvy ends. There is also the “wing” tub that looks like two pairs of wings and a “wave” tub that is full of curves. Bagno Sasso AG sure does not hold back then it comes to the design.

Of course, the tubs do not have the same color whatsoever. The curvy “wing” and “wave” is wrapped in pure white color that gives a spacey and breezy impression while the rest of the tubs are in different colors. The “shell” tub has the color of a wood, and the “circle” tube has a metallic brown color that is decked with some Greek sculpture. Just like a boat, the “sailor” tub is a thick “boat” made of black marble that has cracked white patterns on it. Yep, the bathtubs definitely remind me of ocean.

Stylish Bathroom Design with Stylish Bathtub Collection

The bathtubs are definitely unique, right? The natural design that is also unique will definitely enhance the tub into a whole new different level. The bathtub will become an ornament itself, decorating the bathtub with its unique and natural design. Trust me, the cute bathtub collection by Bagno Sasso AG will definitely glamor the bathroom idea.

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