Multifunctional Hanging Home for Sharing

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What makes the Hanging Home special is definitely the story behind its construction. The home is not really a home, as each part of the house is designed by different architects with Christ Briffa Architects take the lead. The clients all wanted rooms that are independent and semi-detached to each other while making them synchronize with each other under one roof. After six years of planning and building, this house is the result of the architects’ hard works. Perhaps this is why is it called hanged, since the house is not really connected even though they are also connected at the same time.

Independence in Hanging Home

The independent ambiance of Hanging Home by Christ Briffa Architects can definitely be felt from the design that is modern but also friendly. From the outside, the house looks like a bunch of white boxes stacked on each other. The wooden windows of the house would serve as decorations on the white walls, looking lie wooden panels if they are opened. The house also has a rectangular swimming pool that is placed below one of the “boxes,” making it look like an underground swimming pool. The outside appearance is really modern and cool.

However, the inside is different from the outside of the house because of its friendly appearance. For example, the gathering room that is decked with soft sofas and chairs with warm colors such as brown and light gray. There is also the flower-like-patterned carpet placed below the sofas for the enchantment. The higher floor level is decked with classical piano and a single black chair. There is also the “viewing” room where one can see the scenery of the outside trough the large rectangular window that is framed with black frames. The room is decked with a single chair wrapped with white sheet and a rabbit statue placed at on the frame of the window. A rainbow carpet is placed below the chair to give the room some color. All the rooms have similar design, so imagine the house like that.

Hanging Home for Everybody

From the floor plan and the exterior appearance, it can be seen that the house has many rooms created inside it. This fulfills the whole existence of the house since many people are living under the roof of the house. The modern Hanging Home by Chris Briffa Architects is definitely suitable to be used by many people.

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Hanging Home Grey Sofas

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