Mountain Residence Decorated with Stone Over Building

Sloping Loft Dark Frame Baluster Glass Railing Wooden Floor

This is my first time visiting my teacher’s house that is located in Savoie, France to ask score she gave for my project. I cannot see her since for a week she did not attend to school. I need two hours to reach Mountain Residence to see her soon. But I feel delight when I arrive at her house because this house offer relaxing mountain panoramic view. Exterior design of house is equipped with natural stone wall. In my view rustic stone wall gives natural touch.  I am impressed of asymmetric roof applied in this house.

My teacher says that The Mineral Lodge as name suggest for her residence is designed by Atelier d’Architecture Christian Girard. Rocky front yard arouses natural sight that matches with fresh ideas. Stone Mountain Residence inspires everyone to build modern house that keeps natural touch. From here, I can see freshening mountain panorama. Another part of wall in this house is crafted of woods. Balcony of this house is designed like box shape which is crafted of wood. Interior design of house is dominated with glass wall. Thus this house is supported with stone wall and glass wall inside.

Dark floor tile matches with dark frame of windows or doors over this house. Dining set arranged in dining room consists of glossy dark dining table and glossy side chairs surrounding. This dining set is enlightened by bowl pendant lamp in dark color. Wall bar adhered on bead board is crafted of wood to store some ornament. I think this house look so high with ceiling embellished with skylight. Staircase applied in this house is supported with iron baluster in dark color. Stair steps are crafted of untreated wood.

I also find mezzanine which is equipped with glass railing. Surely this railing is designed with dark frame. Hidden lights fitted here and there give perfect lighting effect over living spaces. In addition, skylight that is crafted of glass with dark frame enable sunlight brightens interior design of house. I can see sloping loft on upstairs which represents unique geometric architecture. I see unique ball lamp lay on wooden floor that is crafted in unusual shape. Glass door and glass bay windows applied here allows sunlight come into amazing stone Mountain Residence freely.

Sloping Roof Natural Stone Wall Glass Bay Windows Inspiring Lighting

Sophisticated Ball Floor Lamp Wooden Floor Glass Railing Glass Door

Wooden Floor Glass Wall Dark Baluster Geometric Windows

Wooden Stair Steps Dark Iron Baluster Sloping Skylight Glass Mezzanine

Black Bowl Pendant Lamp Glass Wall Dark Floor Tile High Gloss Finish Table

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