Mosman Park house As Open Plan House Surrounded by Greenery

Blue Sky Overlooking Rustic Stone Wall Relaxing Greenery Modern House

To spend summer holiday, my uncle allows me to stay at Mosman Park house as long as I wish. He says that he has renovated his old house into modern one. That is why I come into his house that located in Mosman Park, Australia to observe detail architecture. I arrive at his house at night and I am waiting him to open gate in dark color. Beside of house there is a line of trees whose leaves have fallen down. This two stories house looks modern but I find steel frames that are fitted around house. Glass wall dominates upstairs and lower base of house that indicate modern house design. Thus house is built nearby Swan River, so I can enjoy sight of Swan River anytime.

Exterior Mosman Park house is equipped with rustic stone wall that give natural touch. In addition, garden around this house is planted with greeneries that give freshening view. I am interested in different theme of house architecture. First I see building which is designed with triangle floor and applied with wooden wall while another one is designed with flat roof. This house is embellished with ornamental plants in garden. Interior house is designed with rustic brick wall. Glass door and glass bay windows enable house seems bright always.

Living room is furnished with modern sofa in grey. I think floor lamp on corner is fitted purposely to generate grey theme in living room. Open plan dining room is furnished with high gloss dining table surrounded by dark side chairs. Above dining table there is red bowl pendant lamp hanging on ceiling. One side of bead board is painted in dark color. Wooden wall bar is adhered on this bead board to place indoor plants and souvenirs. Moreover, abstract painting is adhered on this bead board to embellish it.

Interior design is as good as exterior Mosman Park house design. I find another dining set consisting of padded side chairs and wooden dining table. Glossy dark kitchen furniture matches with stainless steel range hood. Bedroom in this house is furnished with dark brown bed frame and white quilt covering bed. Steel frame over windows give unique effect of sunlight.

Dark Wooden Bed Frame White Quilt Elegant Bedside Table Marble Floor

Freshening Garden Glass Wall Ornamental Plants Open Plan House

Glass Doors Marble Floor Freshening Garden Contemporary Furniture

Glass Doors Rustic Brick Wall Sparkling Ceiling Light Modern Furniture

Glossy Black Beadboard Wooden Dining Table Padded Side Chairs Glass Doors

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