Monasterios House with Large Living Space in Modern Flair

Wooden Floor Glass Walls Rustic Stone Wall Glass Railing

I am invited by my classmate to celebrate his birthday in his house. It is easy to find Monasterios house where he and his family live since it belongs to most unique house in Valencia, Spain. My classmate says that this house is built by adopting design of Antonio Altarriba Comes. First time I see facade of house, I am astonished of geometric architectural that is brought out. This house is supplied with above ground swimming pool. In addition, front yard of house is designed with tropical garden. Tropical garden in his house is full of palm trees, shrubs and other ornamental plants. What makes me interested in garden is rustic stone wall around garden.
Rustic stone wall is also found surrounding house which is combined with grating railing. Garage that is designed in minimalist style is close enough from staircase made of untreated stone. I get into entrance after passing by rustic stone outdoor staircase. This three stories Monasterios house look so futuristic. Interior design looks so wide without a large number of furniture. Wall glass over living space enables me to see panorama outside freely. Staircase inside of house is also equipped with glass baluster.
From upstairs I can see pergola designed like logs. Floor over living room is crafted of wooden material that gives natural accent. I find three pendant lamps that are designed like ethical structure. Glass railing is not only found in baluster, but also railing on mezzanine. Over all this building looks so large, wide, and full of geometric tricks which makes building differ from other houses.
In my view three stories Monasterios house design is more attractive at night since this house is fitted with elegant lighting. On ceiling, I see a large number modern hidden light that spread soft color over living spaces. Moreover, swimming pool is embellished with sophisticated outdoor lights. Thus, great lighting effect can be created attractively around house. In garden, I catch fascinating garden lamps that arouse artistic lighting effect. It is really amazing architecture of house that I have ever seen. At a glance this house looks like stack of cubes arranged in particular way then it result inspiring house architecture.

Futuristc Facade Glass Wall Geometric Architectural Building Untreated Wood Pergola

Geometric Architectural Building Rustic Stone Staircase Minimalist Garage Bar Ventilation

Geometric Architectural House Above Ground Swimming Pool Soft Ceiling Light Glass Doors

Glass Baluster Contemporary Staircase Glass Wall Untreated Wooden Floor

Glass Railing Wooden Floor Glass Bay Windows Futuristic Staircase

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