Modular House with Square Shaped Design

Back Elevation Of Square House Design

Simple square shaped building is definitely boring. That must be what you think but believe me, after you see this square villa at Lyon, France, your thought will be turning upside down. The project is called Villa B from Tectoniqes Architects. It is a modular house project with square structure of timber on concrete as basic idea. Although it looks really dominated with simplicity, the project really utilize the square structure beyond the limit creating a highly modular structure offering impressive atmosphere and also amazing living experience.

Villa B square structure is timber on concrete with very simplistic style. Sliding glass panels incorporated on various sides of the structure helps creating connection between the interior with the surrounding exterior. The glass panels also help the interior to get optimum daylight exposure as well as optimum aeration. Idea of modular residential allows flexibility to accommodate various activities and needs of the family living inside the house. Service area is the central of this home design. This area incorporates kitchen, cellar, networks, and bathroom in a single hub connected by sliding partition. The service area is also designed to have access to natural views on the outside and the multipurpose area on the inside.

This two stories modular home design is divided for daytime activities and nighttime activities. Daytime activities are centralized on the ground floor where kitchen, living room and dining room as well as multipurpose area can be found. Modern furniture and unique accessories are applied there. Although white is the dominant color, there are also splashes of other colors like red and yellow from certain furniture and accessories. The first floor is designed for nighttime activities as it accommodated several bedrooms and bathrooms. White dominated color combined with wood finishes on various sides really created warm environment inside this area.

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