Modest Transformer Apartment with Smart Decision

Apartment Partition Open To Reveal TV Entertainment Area Built In Yellow Living Sofa Small Apartment Decorating

Simple design might be the safest way for decorating transformer apartment, but don’t hesitate to gain different look by picking some statement items which suitable with your own preference. Transformer means small size apartment which designed in smart concept which making the space is enough even for some room’s function as well as normal house has.

Here are some pictures that could give ideas for designing small space apartment. The most important thing before applying transformer apartment concept is having a clear perspective of proper furniture that want to be used. A statement item in bright colour could be smart way to enhance good looking capacity while white wall colour always is the safest way for small space room. As it said that yellow leather sofa located at the room corner which becoming seating place could be the attention catcher while black industrial metal table in short size is being matched with flower in the vase in feminine look.

Eternal colour which is black and white combination is also applied at another room’s space while transparent white curtain drapery is covering glass window, black edge wooden television rack is facing the seating area. The smart task is that all of the cabinet from television rack to kitchen cabinet could be hidden and looks like normal room separator when it does not use though. The wall which designed look like wave wooden wall in unfinished touch must be entertaining while it can also flip in and out as moving furniture.

Eventually, in another area there is small office with modern office appliances including black leather office chair, beech wooden table, yellow seating, and some accessories display where all of them can be hidden perfectly. In short, iconic aspects from smart transformer apartment concept are the way the interior design could maximize small space range.

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