Modern True Contemporary House Show Your Taste

Wooden Jacuzzi With Warm Exterior Lighting

Original Modern Personality Displayed is one of true contemporary house which build in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This house design have 2 level which firs level is Street level where uses full glass open in order pool look be one with the house with supported by the garden around the house. Modern interior touch like wood, iron and stone which arrange this building make this house totally modern design. In second level is focal area which have similar concept from the first level, but the second d level dominant show living room and dining room to outdoor view with lounge area and pool. Beside on your house seven steel unique pillar which decorating small pool that give luxurious sensation.

If we talk about house we also talk about furniture, where furniture is one of important thing that composed a room. One of important thing in true contemporary furniture is managing the room dimension. Lot of people think that managing room dimension too important but in fact if you want your room look neat you need expert in managing room dimension. For several people using expert in managing room dimension spend too much money, so they choose to manage their room with their own ideas.

In this house design managing room dimension very perfect from living room, bedroom, kitchen, and lounge area, all manage with perfect details, for example in kitchen simple managing from the cabinet, table, freezer and some others element in the kitchen placed orderly, in this room give small classic modern house which is small smokestack that increasing comfort in your kitchen. Natural color and good lighting make your kitchen better.

Move to other room in this house hat is living room. This room have lot of component include it like sofa, table, wall interior, etc. In designing true contemporary living room furniture you just need to match it with room dimension, color and your taste of course.

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