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Spacious Oriented Scandinavian Apartment White Drawers

I was really curious about Scandinavian Apartment because my friends always talk about it. They said that such apartment design is very nice. However, I did not believe it before I saw it by myself. Luckily, my girlfriend told me that she was going to buy a new apartment in Leeds. After she has bought her new apartment design, she told me that the interior designer designed it in a Scandinavian design. I was a great luck for me because I was really curious about that interior design. She invited me to accompany her in enjoying her new apartment for the first day.

Great Detail in Scandinavian Apartment

At the first time I entered her Scandinavian Apartment Design, I was greeted by a great interior design that I have never seen before. I was really amazed. The first room I saw is the living room. In that living room, there is a unique and interesting fireplace. That fireplace is in black color. The floor in that living room is made from the wooden material. That wooden flooring felt so comfortable in my feet. Because of it was night, my girlfriend invited me to enjoy have a dinner.

However, before we have a dinner, my girlfriend cooked a meal. She cooked it in the modern kitchen which is equipped with great interior design. There is also wooden flooring in that kitchen. In the kitchen, there are many kitchen appliances so that my beloved girlfriend can cook a meal easily. Nearby the kitchen, there is a dining table. The dining table in that apartment is also made from the wooden material. It is very amazing because the wooden table is also equipped with wooden chairs those are equipped with white colored clothes.

Great Night in Scandinavian Apartment

It is a great combination. After the meal was done, she prepared on the dining table. That dining table is romantic because there are two lamps which produce a low light. After having a dinner, I and my beloved girlfriend go to the living room to enjoy the multimedia entertainment system. Because it was night, I and she go to her comfortable bed in the Scandinavian Apartment interior Design.

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Unique Art Wall Spacious Oriented Scandinavian Apartment

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