Modern Residence Design: The Oakley House

Hanging Building Design And Relaxing Terrace With Warm Lighting In Night Facade

There are many outstanding modern residence designs that deserve to become an example for any other home creation and one of them is this Oakley House. This superb modern residence design is created by Benjamin Waechter Architect and it is located in Portland, Oregon, USA. This lovely modern residence design is probably not the best modern residence design that you can find right now, but it the simplicity of the design and the architectural shape of this wonderful modern residence design can become a perfect representation of how modern residence design looks like and it can also become a great example for any further modern residence design creation.

The architectural shape of this outstanding modern residence design is very simple. It is a rectangular shape house that has to floors. The design is very simple. It can be seen from the facet of the house that looks very simple. The facet of this incredible modern residence design will show us group of glass material that forms a door and windows. Two main materials that use in this beautiful modern residence design is concrete and tin material. This great modern residence design is coming in dark grey color, which is make it looks futuristic.

The inner part of this perfect modern residence design is decorated by using very simple space setting. However, that simple space setting is able to give this adorable modern residence design proper space design and, of course, beauty. Since this is not a wide house, this fascinating modern residence design is also supported by smart space management that use space divider as one the main element of the setting.

That was little information about a gorgeous modern residence design called the Oakley House. Outstanding modern residence design like this one is possibly become the example for any other home design because of its simplicity.

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