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There is nothing bad about using a single theme for a bathroom, and I have seen this in an orange bathroom of a Milan citizen. It was something that I did not expect since I had no intention be impressed at someone’s bathroom design whatsoever. However, I fell in love when I saw the bathroom in the color of orange. This bathroom is definitely simple, stylish, unique, and chic. Trust me, this bathroom is just amazing.

Greatness of Orange in Orange Bathroom

No, really, this orange bathroom in Milan is definitely great. The cabinet is definitely unique. The mirror placed on the white wall is framed in orange, and the top of the sink that is below the mirror is in the color of white. The mirror has another addition of art on its surface. The surface is covered with street art in the form of black words that give the mirror more enchantment and design. The cabinet that is attached to the sink, however, is a whole different matter. The sides of the cabinet has the base color of orange with some street art painted on it. The front part has the same design also. However, when pulled, the inside is transparent, adding the futuristic vibe of the bathroom decked in orange.

The same goes for the bathtub in the bathroom. Covering of the bathroom, just like the other exterior parts of the cabinet, is in the color of orange. Unlike the cabinet though, there is street art whatsoever painted on the bathtub. The inside is in the color of white to give a contrast that also makes the orange less dominating. The shower is in metallic just like normal shower, but there is a little towel hanged at the side of the bathtub to make the bathtub cute.

Chic Orange Bathroom

As it can be seen, the bathroom is definitely cute and chic. It is simple and has little or no fuss at all because of its simplicity, but it is also stylish because of the modern orange color that is accompanied with some white. The bathroom is great, it is not? Simple but stylish, cute and unique – what more needs to be asked from this stylish orange bathroom in Milan?

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