Modern Mandeville Residence’s Comfortable Ambiance

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Whoever said that large, modern, and spacious houses are something empty and cold should definitely take a look at Mandeville Residence. Located in California of USA’s Los Angeles, the residence is a large residence has everything that is needed to create the perfect harmonious modern residence. From its design to the outside scenery of the residence, everything will maximize the residents’ relaxing moods to have relaxing days and moments in the residence. What more should be asked from this kind of residences?

Mandeville Residence’s Design

Trust me the design of Mandeville Residence by Griffin Enright Architects is something that will be admired by many people. This cannot be seen from the outside of course, since the outside of the residence is pretty plain and modest. From the outside, the residence will look like a normal modern brown house with flat roof that is designed with mini fresh garden at the front. However, the back part of the house is a whole different matter. From the back of the house, the residents can enjoy the beautiful panoramic canyon that is located right across the veranda of the residence. The residence is pretty large also, something that was not able to be seen from the front part of the house.

The interior design also has a design that will support the natural advantages of the residence. The inside of the house is decked with white walls and ceilings, while the floor is made of dark brown wood that creates a rustic and classical ambiance. Most of the furniture has the same dark brown, brown, or white color, matching with the basic structure of the residence while pulling a traditional but modern move, thanks to the color on the uniquely-shaped furniture. The brown chairs, the white sofas, and the metallic stairs – everything is modern. However, the mixture of modernization and classical are what is making the residence more special.

Enjoyable Moments in Mandeville Residence

As it can be seen, the residence has things that make it the perfect residence to be living inside for. It has a modest and spacious basic structure, but it is decorated elegantly and with a little touch of modernization at the same time. There is also the great natural view that can be enjoyed at any moments. If the spacious Mandeville Residence by Griffin Enright Architects is not perfect, then I do not know what perfection is.

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