Modern House That Unites With Nature

Beautiful Urzua Cofre House Terrace With Wicker Chairs And Glass Fencing

Are you on planning to build a house that well-designed and beautifully designed to unite with the nature. Some people want to have a house that is like bringing nature to its design, but they worry if it will turn out to be wild house that is not beautiful to live in. Well, then you probably haven’t seen this house. Built with beautiful architecture and design, this modern house offers you the beauty of nature. Relaxed and peaceful are what you get if you are staying here.

Like another typical of modern house, this house is made with its rectangular shape. The color that is used in this house is mostly the neutral color, like, white and brown. In fact, those two colors do a lot to bring the natural feeling to the house. This natural modern house is surrounded by the green yard and in front of the house there is a private swimming pool. Entering to the house, there is a terrace with some wooden chairs facing the swimming pool. In the left side of the house there is also outdoor sitting area to enjoy directly the fresh air and the beauty outside. The front wall of this house is made of glass to make the spacious impression and also to have the natural light come into the house.

This house is two-story building; while the first floor is used for the general rooms like living room, dining room, kitchen and so on. There are many paintings patched on the wall to beautify the interior of the house. The indoor staircase leads to the second floor where it is used as the private area for the bed rooms, toilet, rest room and else.

To be staying in this kind of house, you will get the happiness simply by its nature-friendly architecture. Hopefully this natural modern house inspiration will give you more ideas to build your dream house.

Lovely Terrace With Green Lawn View And Sliding Door Detail

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