Modern House That Accentuates The Family’s Comfort

Beautiful Open Bedroom With Sliding Glass Door Exterior And Beautiful Pool Design

When you look for a house that fits to your whole family, you might like this kind of modern house. Designed with its children-friendly, house that is located in the town of Venice, Italy, offers you and your family various facilities to have easiness in your life; swimming pool, outdoor dinner, family area and even a play court. This rectangle square shaped house is made to be spacious with its glass windows and doors, in which they connect it with the leisure facilities.

This house uses organic materials such as wood, stone and seal. As you can see in the picture, most part of this house uses wood material; the outdoor floor and in some parts of the wall. The design of this house is uniquely made in the letter L shape. The partition sequentially is starting from the main bedroom, studying room, living room, kitchen, and the dining table inside and the outside that all of them face to the swimming pool. The long bench made of stone next to the swimming pool is used as the sitting area after swimming. All the room partition is made to fit the family-friendly modern house.

The main bed room that faces right to the swimming pool is bordered by the glass sliding door, so once you get out from the room, you can jump directly to the swimming pool. Cool, isn’t it? The kitchen is minimalist with its wooden-based kitchen table and its brown stools. Next to the kitchen there is set of dining table made of wood material. Behind the kitchen there is staircase leads to the second floor. In the living room there are set of sofa with its wooden-based table, any colorful decoration and its unique wooden-pattern wallpaper that match to its floor. The ceiling is made matching to its wooden wall. Direct to the bathroom, you will still find the wooden interior in almost all parts; the sink, the wooden-framed mirror, wallpaper, and a wall as the border between the bath up and the shower area.

The idea of this house is blending the natural material and its outdoor space to make all family member feel relax to spend the time at home. This family-friendly modern house idea is for you who accentuate the family’s comfort.

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