Modern House: Find The Luxury In The Simplicity

Smart Exterior Design With Outdoor Pool Surrounded With Green Grass Lawn And White Patio

Getting luxury in the simplicity is what you will have if you are staying in this modern house. Located in Barcelona, Spain, you will experience the true feeling to live in the modern house. The exterior design is constructed from three big cubes, stop here, you will be confused whether this is either modern or simple, and then you should call this as modern minimalist house.

Pass by the pool in front of the house, you will greeted by the terrace where there is set of table and chair. The interior can be seen from outside since the big window is made of glass material, another checklist for the modern house. From outside to inside you will see that this house is made in a neat design, there are no many interiors inside or outside. When you are typical person who love simplicity then you might fall in love with this simple modern house.

Starting from the living area, there are cozy set of sofa and its porcelain white table above the black rug. The access to another room is connected with the sliding glass door. Its big glass window helps the natural light from outside go through the glass bringing the freshness inside. The main bedroom also gets beam of sunlight coming through the glass window. The room is left without any decoration, only the TV that is patched on the wall and the natural beautiful view from outside that you can see through the glass window. Guess that is much better than the artificial works. The kitchen is adjacent to the wooden-based dining table that has access to the outdoor view. Getting to the second level, there is staircase made of wooden with every rung embedded directly into the stone walls. There are two kinds of wall painting color that is used that is white and cream.

One thing that is prominent in this house is the simplicity. This kind of style fits for those who are mobile a lot and need something simple yet modern. This simple modern house idea can be applied to your dream house.

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