Modern El Viento Residence in Madrid

Nice El Viento Design Glossy Wooden Floor White Bed Large Glass Window

I had a very good experience of enjoying a modern home living of El Viento. It is caused by in that residence there are many interesting things that I found. Actually, it began when I have to get the best home stay for me during my vacation in Spain. In that modern home living, there are many interesting things. Those interesting things are including the exterior design, interior design, architecture design, as well as the decoration idea in that modern house design. At the first time I arrive in front of that house, I saw there is a very interesting thing, including the architecture.

Great Surroundings of El Viento

The first impression that comes in to my mind is about the greatness of the architecture of that residence. Besides that, there is also a very good interesting thing that I can see from the exterior of the house. That is about the great surroundings. The El Viento En La Isla is also equipped with a great surroundings and view. Therefore, the outside look of the residence is great. I was really curious of that modern home living. The modern home living I her house is also equipped with a large courtyard.

The large courtyard is also equipped with the comfortable grass. The comfortable grass is also very luxurious and amazing. Therefore, I was also amazed of that courtyard. Besides that, I also very interested in the interior design of that house. The interior design of that house was great because it is also equipped with the wooden flooring. In the living room of the first floor of that house, I enjoyed the luxurious and comfortable atmosphere in that living room.

Flooring in El Viento Residence

It is caused by the floor was made from the wooden flooring. After I enjoyed the living room which is located on the first floor, I was really curious about the interior design of the second floor. When I was in the second floor of that house, I enjoyed the kitchen atmosphere. From that kitchen, I can see a great view of the surroundings because one of the walling units in that kitchen of the El Viento En La Isla Neruda residence was made from the glass material.

Simple El Viento Design White Sink Simple Mirror Metal Faucet

Amusing El Viento Design Wooden Table Wooden Chairs White Ceilling

Beautiful El Viento Design Towel Ahnger White Wall Bathroom With Flower Pots

El Viento Design Wooden Floor Ornamental Plants

El Viento Design White Sink Towel Hanger Glass Window

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