Modern Dwelling with Its Geometry House Design

Modern Living Room With Modern Sofa And Open Living Room Design

So many wish from many families after they have a house, started from the furniture inside to the unconventional wish such as unique shape, and Geometry House. Located in Scottsdale, this residence brings smart experiences to the occupants. With its modern style, this house which is offering its transparency and its openness to give different view for this house.

Fresh and bright environments are really can be tasted. By accommodating 2 floors, Geometry House Design divided this house become the first floor as the place for having some cookies for all of family. The second floor is good place for having a good sleep together with family. With its display in amazing style, this house offers so some feelings to the occupants. Fresh and nature are part of this modern house. Moreover, lighting and the painting in this house makes it more beautiful.

Beautiful yard with green grass is not found in this house, it is taken benefit by installing the swimming pool almost around. Blue water of the swimming pool is inviting the occupants to get swim there for a moment. This house is fence by a couple concrete, it looks strong and elegant. Beautiful lane next to the room is perfect with its small park and its natural stone. It looks amazing in beautiful shape.

Moreover, interior design of this house brings to the palace atmosphere. Beautiful ceiling-light in living room looks elegant, dazzling from the roof. It is supported with amazing roof above. Moreover, the beautiful furniture as the seat set is suitable with the marble of this house. Wide opened-space of this room shows the opened minded of this house. Comfort bathroom with the glass wall around of it makes this room more romantic. Beautiful Geometry House Design is also in beautiful atmosphere.

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The Gate View From The House Main Door

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Modern Entry With Straight Lines Using Concrete Floor And Sandstone Fence

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