Modern Chasen Residence’s Design for Every Family

Glass Wall

For those who want some inspiration on their family house, they should definitely consider to use Chasen Residence‘s design. Designed by In Situ Studio, the design has everything that is needed for a family house. The design created a friendly and inviting ambiance that is also cool and stylish. Moreover, the house became spicier than it was ever before thanks to In Situ Studio’s smart move on the furniture. I had said this is definitely one of the best family house designs out there.

Everything in Chasen Residence

Everything is really in Chasen Residence by In Situ Studio. The warm ambiance is all thanks to the wooden floor that is decking the house. Moreover, some of the furniture is in wood also, such as the wooden dining table with its red velvet chairs that has wooden frame. Behind the dining set is where the kitchen is located, complete with the wooden cabinets and shelves that are decorated beautifully with glass whatsoever. Next to the dining table is the living room set that has a cream-colored couch and black chairs while the white stair is standing next to them. On the wall beside the black chairs, abstract black and white painting is hanged to create the cool vibe that is needed in the house.

The white stairs lead to an even more friendly and relaxing ambiance. The study section can be seen right away upstairs, decked in wooden accented study desk paired with a yellow chair. The empty space next to the study table is filled with a white modern reclining chair for some decoration. The bedroom simply consists of a wood-framed bed wrapped in white sheet with a yellow lamp and wooden cabinet standing next to the bed. Behind the cabinet is where the large window is installed, showing the greenery surrounding the house. Not really a bad place to enjoy the scenery, right?

Relaxing Chasen Residence

The cool and friendly aspect of the house has been covered, so what makes this house spacey? It is no other than the high ceiling and minimum amount of furniture in the house. This way, the cool and friendly aspect of the house can be enjoyed with relaxation also. What more should be asked from such perfect but heartwarming Chasen Residence by In Situ Studio?

White Door Glass Windows

White Wall Wooden Floor

Wooden Drawers White Bed

Wooden Floor Wooden Table

Wooden Stairs Woden Wall

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