Modern Cal Kempton Park for Relaxing Ambiance

Elegant Living Room Cal Kempton Park Black Leather Couches Living Room

Relaxing in a modern home can be more than relaxation, and Cal Kempton Park proved that too many of us. It looked like an ordinary modern house for me at first. Although the outside looks modern, it was one among many houses to me. However, it all changed when I saw the inside of the house. The inside of the house is not crowded, but it is also elegant at the same time. Everything about the house is enchanting and luxurious despite of its simplicity and that simplicity makes me love the ambiance of the house. The outside appearance is definitely deceiving, because this house is just great on the inside.

Cal Kempton Park’s Decent Inside & Gorgeous Inside

Here are the things about the exterior appearance of Cal Kempton park by Nico van der Meulen that made me think of it as a normal house. The house has the typical flat design that has many corner and angles. Many balconies and windows can also be seen from this house whose outer appearance is wrapped in the color of light gray or pale brown. The front part of the house has some green bushes and few trees decorating the front part of the house that is decked with garden floor. As it can be seen, there is nothing special about the house.

However, I was astonished when I saw the inside. The house has large rooms that are usually in glass walls and cream-colored marble floor, extending from one side of the house to another. The living room is made of black leather couches that are in pair of black leather cushions placed at the side of the glass coffee table that is placed above the fur black carpet. Far at the other side of the room, a dining table in the form of glass is residing along with its black leather chairs. There are also other leather chairs at the side of the glass wall, but they are in cream instead of black. The inside is simple, but the refined furniture makes everything different.

Luxurious Comfort in Cal Kempton Park

The inside is simple, so what makes it great? I am sure that is the question that has been running through everybody’s mind. However, the simplicity is its greatest aspect. The furniture and materials used to build this house are picked from the best, giving a refined ambiance to the house. However, the house is also great at placing its furniture, giving a spacey and breezy feeling that is will definitely bring comfort. The modern Cal Kempton Park by Nico van der Meulen might look ordinary, but the comfort it gives is beyond ordinary.

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