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The combination of bathroom shelf and towel hanger can create great furniture that is like no other normal furniture. I found this piece of furniture during my tour in Milan, when I attended Milan Furniture Fair of 2010. It was literally brimming with light because it was not like the other furniture in the room. Cool, awesome, artistic, polished, and refined – there are many words that can describe this piece of furniture, but none of them can describe the greatness of the furniture properly.

Stylish Bathroom Shelf

Since it is hard to describe this bathroom shelf from Milan, I am going to describe every single detail of the furniture. The shelf is like no other shelf because it has a triangular shape. Actually, it is more like three fat triangles that are entwined to each other. This way, the shelf creates a flower-like shape that can be used to decorate the bathroom. Attach this piece of furniture to any part of the wall, and it will decorate the bathroom beautifully no matter what.

Of course, there is more to it than the flower-like design of the shelf. Although the triangles are pretty fat, the sides of the triangles are pretty slim because they are in the shape of slim pillars connecting into a triangle. Moreover, the upper triangle is decked with mirror so that the shelf can be used to do make-up or whatever that is involved with mirror. To make it even better, the focal point where the three white triangles connect with each other allow the resident to store whatsoever there, such as hand wash and things like that. Basically, the shelf has three uses. It can be used as decoration and also furniture that can be used for one’s benefit.

Multifunctional Bathroom Shelf

The shelf is definitely awesome, right? I mean, who do not want a shelf that has many uses? The shelf is not only beautiful but also beneficial for the residents. This way, the resident can beautify his own house without having to spend too much money on furniture and other ornaments. This futuristic bathroom shelf from Milan that has many uses will definitely be favored and loved by many people.

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