Minimalist Light Style for Bathroom

White Bathtub White Toilet White Wall Round Mirror Green Towel

For those who want a minimalist bathroom that is also enchanting and modern, they are free to try out Light style. Of course, this does not mean that a bunch of light is entering the bathroom. Actually that is what I thought at first when I heard the name of the style. However, it was a whole different kind of “light” when I saw the bathroom for the first time. In fact, the style was actually unexpected and exceeded my expectation of it. I fell in love with the style, and now it became one of my favorite bathroom styles out there.

Bright Ambiance from Light Style

Of course, my falling in love with Light style by Arlexitalia is not without reason. I love it because it is different from others, but it doesn’t take a lot for the style to be different. How can the style be different while being minimalist at the same time? Arlexitalia plays with the color scheme in the bathroom. The designer decided to use one and only one color for the bathroom, and it is no other than the color white. Yep, every corner of the bathroom is decked in white, and that is why the name Light comes into light.

Of course, that is not the only thing that makes the bathroom unique. Living up to its name, the bathroom is literally decked with white lamps everywhere. From the cabinets to the sides of the mirrors and even the mini square on the wall that can be seen from far away, everywhere is decked with white lamp also. For more ornaments, the bathroom is also decorated with unique things such as white paintings of sculptures and white shampoo bottles. Everything is in white, but it is also bright.

Clean and Neat Light Style

I hope from the pictures people can see why I love the bathroom style by Arlexitalia. The white makes the bathroom looks neat and clean. However, the white color also makes everything look stylish. The simplicity of the bathroom is what makes everything inside the bathroom looks great and relaxing. I mean, if everything is available in the bright Light style by Arlexitalia, what more should be asked from this perfect bathroom style?

Ultra Modern Bathroom Interior

White Ceiling Stell Faucet White Towel

White Chairs White Wall White Floor Small Mirror

White Floor Blue Light Small Mirror Unique Standing Lamp Small Tree

White Floor Small Mirror Unique Hanging Lamp Steel Bathtub

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