Minimalist Hiyoshi House and its Simplicity

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Everything about Hiyoshi House will make people never think the same again when it comes to mind and simple houses. Residing in the city of Yokohama in Japan, the house stands out oddly among its neighbors. It makes sense though, considering the design that is different from the traditional design most Japanese houses have. However, do not worry about losing the Japanese charm, because the inside of the house is still designed fabulously with the classical Japanese style in mind. The house is different, but it is also the same with the other houses at the same time.

Hiyoshi House: Different from the Same

The different aspect of Hiyoshi House by EANA can clearly be seen from the exterior appearance of the house. Most Japanese houses uses the traditional slanted roof with the white concrete wall, but what makes this house different is the fact that the house is designed in square. Yep, the house has a square shape that is painted in gray color, and since the house has a square shape, it has a flat roof also. Little mini windows framed in white frames can be seen here and there from the house, making the house look simple but still comfortable and spacious.

Now here is about the Japanese aspect of the house. Even though it is modern, the interior design of the house still has a Japanese vibe all around it. This can be seen from the stairs and  some of the furniture that is made out of wood. Even the floor of the house still cannot let go the traditional aspect of wooden floor. The furniture also has a tatami style where everything is put on the floor without any leg whatsoever. This is clearly seen in the white living room couch that has invisible and extremely low legs, while a white shelf can be seen accompanying the couch at its back. Overall, that is the basic pattern of the house’s interior design.

Living Modernly and Traditionally in Hiyoshi House

The uniqueness of the house makes if perfect for those who want to feel modernization while keeping the traditional Japanese aspect at the same time. The combination both of “contradicting” things make the house an interesting object to be lived inside. I am sure those who are living inside the unique but simple Hiyoshi House by EANA does not regret living inside the house right now.

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