Minimalist Fodorova Apartment’s Elegance

Black Wooden Floor Modern Elegance Apartment

A simple apartment is not only simple but can also elegant, just like the apartment called Fodorova Apartment. Located in the heart of Russia’s Moscow, the apartment has a minimalistic design that is extremely minimal and neat. Yet, that is the charm of this simple apartment. This apartment is so simple, but it has such enchanting color scheme that works with the minimal design of the apartment. This results in a clean apartment that is also elegant and beautiful, something everybody wants in their apartments.

Simple Elegance of Fodorova Apartment

Who would have expected that the simplicity of Fodorova Apartment by Allexandra Fedorova is the strong point of this apartment? The apartment’s floor, made by wood, has such pale color that matches the white wall of the apartment. A square black marble coffee table is paired with white chair and white sofas that are also paired with white pillows for enchantment. White marble is attached to the side of the wall, and a white flower in white pot is placed at its top. Even the large windows are decked with white curtains that complete the set.

The same goes with the bedroom of the apartment. The white wood that is attached to the wall is stacked with bedroom wrapped with gray sheet, including its pillows. Unique chair is placed at the corner of the room, and the chair also has writing-like pattern on its white wrapping. A black television is installed inside the white wall across the bed, giving the resident its freedom to watch television whenever. Unlike the living room though, the large window of the bedroom is installed with gray-black curtains that matches the black wooden floor of the apartment. The apartment is simple, but that is definitely what makes it charming.

Elegance of Fodorova Apartment

What makes the simplicity of this apartment elegant? It is no other than the refined design of the furniture that is fused with the cool colors of the theme. Moreover, some of the furniture has unique design despite of its simplicity, making everything better. All of these things make this apartment elegant, and this gives more reason for people to use this minimalist Fodorova Apartment by Allexandra Fedorova as inspiration for their apartments.

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